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The Clark Family Genealogy

The Clark Family Genealogy Author: John Deeben

..Descendants and Related Families of Thomas and Mary Ann (Rhen) Clark in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania (1761–2010).This work outlines nine generations of the family of Thomas Clark (1761–1823) and Mary Ann Rhen (1765–1856), who married in Philadelphia in 1789 and then migrated to the Pennsylvania frontier, eventually settling near Sunbury, Northumberland County, in 1808.

The book covers the Scottish origins of the Clark surname, a narrative history of Thomas Clark, and outlines of several collateral families that intermarried with the Clarks, including the surnames Binder, Dunkelberger, Heilman, Miller, Raker, Savidge, and Zimmerman.

Also included are numerous family photographs, and reproductions of privately-held family documents and public records from federal and local repositories (including the National Archives and the Northumberland County courthouse in Sunbury, PA). A bibliography and full name index appear at the end.

2010, 8.5x11, Hardbound, 447 pages

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