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The Houff Family: From Bohemia to America

The Houff Family: From Bohemia to America Author: Sue Cromwell

This book goes back to the early 1640s in Bohemia to locate the ancestors of Joseph C. Houff and his wife, Theresa Studler. Joseph and Theresa emigrated from the Port of Bremen in Germany in 1853 with their five children and the necessary belongings to begin a new life in Maryland. Joseph was an “expert stonemason” who had worked on several buildings in Austria. His family had a certificate with the Austrian government’s seal.

All known information about Joseph and his family has been presented. The book includes the many descendants of Joseph and Theresa’s six children – one of which moved to Bellevue, Ohio, one to Waynesboro, Pennsylvania and the others stayed in either Baltimore or Frederick, Maryland and made their lives productive.

One descendant and her family, Margaret Houff MCNeil, managed to live through the worst tornado that had struck Lorain, Ohio, in years. Family members became doctors, pharmacists, railroad men, dentists, farmers, inventors, jewelers, and many more worthwhile occupations.

There are over 200 photographs, with the book well-documented. There is also a Military Chapter giving details about those descendants of Joseph and Theresa who served their new country. There are maps, church records, school records, census pages, family group sheets and much, much more which gives a well-rounded biography of the Houff families. Full index.

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2013, 8.5 x 11, Hardbound, 365 pages

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