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The Measure of My Days (Psalm 39:4) - Klingensmith History - The Immigrant Fathers - Joseph Jr. and Brother Daniel

The Measure of My Days (Psalm 39:4) - Klingensmith History - The Immigrant Fathers - Joseph Jr. and Brother Daniel Author and compiler: Nancy Karen Demeke

The author attempts to tell the story of her earliest recorded ancestors, starting with Andrew born in 1595 in Germany and following his descendants to Pennsylvania through their compelling life stories of their parts in various wars; the French and Indian, the Indian Wars, the Revolution and War of 1812. From there the book continues to detail those with distinctive and renowned lives, a state representative and an early congressman from Blockhouse Peter’s line, and others. It sets down events that tie them to local and state history.

Karen’s family line is through Blockhouse Phillip to Hans Phillip, a lay minister and soldier; an interesting combination. It specifically shows his family, and details his son, Joseph P., then on to grandson Absalom and down to Abner Klingensmith. Also, included is Daniel Klingenschmidt (b. 1692) of Joseph Sr. He and his family arrived in PA in 1738 and 1755 and are also followed across PA and MD and some back up to PA.

Many Klingenschmidts/smiths later go west to OH, IN, KY and MO. And what luck— Included in this collection are some new “OLD” people, whom were thought to be descendants of Joseph, Sr. of Alsace’s son Andrew; probably grandsons. This family took the name Klinsmith and later others became Kleindinsts, etc. Recently a Kleindienst was in Richard Nixon’s Cabinet. It’s exciting to see another strain of KLINGENSMITHS/ Klingenschmidts.

Some related families are - Adair, Allshouse, Altman, Alwine, Ayers, Baker, Bell, Blose, Caldwell, Clinedinst, Clingersmith, Coover, Cowgar, Crop, Everingham, Farster, France, Frantz, Frey, Fry, Fyock, Godfree, Graham, Gromley, Heckman, Heddinger, Heilman, Heinzelman, Kepple, Klingenschmidt, Klingensmith, Klinesmith, Klingelsmith, Klinsmit, Kleindinst, Klindurst, Klindienst, Klinedinst, Mauer, Miller, Mowry, Mosbaugher, Myers, Paulson, Rupert, Sarver, Shellhamer, Smail, Smith, Sobers, Sourwine, Soucie, Spang, Thomas, Turney, Uhing, Waltenbaugh, Wannemaker, Widmyer, Willyard, Williams, Yingst, Young, Zink, and many others.

Every name index based on the first ten generations.


2013, 8.5x11, Softbound, 299 pages

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