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The Midlams in America, Ancestors and Descendants

The Midlams in America, Ancestors and Descendants Author: Paul James Midlam
This book is a definitive history and genealogy of all Midlams who have lived in America. The work covers the origin of the families in England and proceeds to the four progenitors in America. Almost without exception, all people with Midlam origins can be traced to one of these four men: John Midlam of Pennsylvania/Iowa - ca 1784; Joseph A. Midlam of Pennsylvania/Ohio ca 1789; Samuel Midlam of Pennsylvania ca 1793; and Thomas Midlam of England/New York ca 1765. With each of these men there is a history, family sheets, complete descendancy charts, and a bibliography. All descendants should be able to find a place in the charts. Photographs. Every name index includes only names in the historical text. 

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2003, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 244 pages

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