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The Nunn Family History: A Coalminer’s Family

The Nunn Family History: A Coalminer’s Family

Author: Sue Cromwell

This book tells of the lives of agricultural laborers in Suffolk County, England in the 1800s – the Nunn family – and gives a good description about their journey from the southeast corner of England to the northern coal mines in Northumberland County. It goes on to tell of one branch that left the British Isles for a better way of life in America.

In 1887, Walter Henry and his wife, Emma Kendall, their three children, Walter’s sister, Harriet, her husband and their six children emigrated to the Scranton area of Pennsylvania. They worked in the coal mines for a little over two years to pay off their passage. Harriet and her family stayed while Walter and his family moved to the southeastern part of Tennessee and continued coal mining.

Most of the descendants stayed in the coal mines, others moved to the Cumberland Homesteads in central Tennessee and others went north to Detroit and worked in the automobile industry.

Not only does the author tell, in great detail, about those who came to America, but she also gives stories about those family members who stayed in England and went on to other occupations.

Many of the Nunn family members served in the Military and the book includes quite the number of stories about their service as well, including a few who were POW’s.

There are over 200 photographs, with the book well-documented. There are maps, church records, school records, census pages, obituaries, family group sheets and much, much more, giving the book a well-rounded insight into the Nunn family. Fully indexed.

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2013, 8.5 x 11, hardbound, 348 pages

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