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Thorne Family History: Chapters 1 and 2

Thorne Family History: Chapters 1 and 2

Author: John K. Thorne, Ph.D.

ISBN: 9780615501680. Chapter 1 traces “The Descendants of Martin and Mary (Williams) Thorn” of Washington Co., Ohio. Martin Thorn (abt 1783- 1815) served in the War of 1812, and died shortly thereafter leaving 3 children who lived to adulthood: (1.) William Thorn who married Mary Ann Leasure, raised a large family in Vinton Co., OH, (2.) Delilah Thorn who married Aaron Hoover, raised 5 children in Morgan Co., OH, and later lived in Lawrence Co., OH, (3.) David Thorn who married Delilah Kennison, raised 10 children at Morgan Co., OH, and removed to Greene Co., IN. Mary (Williams) Thorn (1789- 1855), the widow of Martin Thorn, re-married to Zadock Dickerson, and had 5 more children at Morgan Co., OH, then removed to Van Buren Co., IA.

Chapter 1 identifies 384 descendants of Martin Thorn through 5 generations of families. A special focus is given on Carbon Hill, Hocking Co., OH, the home of the family of Civil War veteran Francis Martin Thorne. Five ancestors in this presentation have been approved by First Families of Ohio (Ohio Genealogical Society).

Chapter 2 traces “The Ancestry of Sarah Helen McKibben” (1840- 1921), the wife of Francis Martin Thorne (1833- 1920), to her original immigrant ancestors for up to 10 generations. Prominent immigrant surnames include (1.) Rapalje, Broucard/Brokaw, Bogaert, Nyssen/Denyse/Van Mittleswaert, Van Nest, Davis/Davids, and Swartwout (New Amsterdam), (2.) Tufts, Davidson, Lancaster, Hutchinson, Hoyt, and Putnam (New England), and (3.) Kusters/Custer/Custard (PA).

The ahnentafel format is followed, but amended to encompass the entire family of each ancestor. Included in the direct ancestral lineage are 9 SAR-approved Revolutionary War ancestors, 8 First Families of Ohio (Ohio Genealogical Society) ancestors, 2 approved by The National Huguenot Society, 1 approved by the Castor Association of America, and 1 approved by the National Society Colonial Dames of the XVII Century. Both chapters are extensively referenced. Chapter 2 has a large bibliography. Surname index.

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