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Trinity Lutheran Church Records, Vol. 4 (1797-1810)

Trinity Lutheran Church Records, Vol. 4 (1797-1810)

Authors: Debra D. Smith and Rev. Frederick S. Weiser
Book four in an ongoing series of translations of the massive and important records of one of the most influential Protestant congregations of pre-Revolutionary America.

For such a short time period, the vast amount of entries in these record books point out the fact that the Lancaster Lutheran congregation was the second largest in Pennsylvania.

Included are baptisms, burials, marriages, confirmation, communicants, and pew rents. Besides being priceless for genealogical work, these early records also provide an important social history of the time period, place and denomination.

This is a wonderful source for information on Pennsylvania Germans, many of whom migrated to Ohio in the 1800s. These books are a necessity for anyone searching German Lancaster County heritage. The records in this book have been translated to English from German. Index.

2006, 6" X 9", Hardbound, 360 pages
ISBN 9781558564527

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