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Until the Morning Cometh: Civil War Era Pittsburgh

Until the Morning Cometh:  Civil War Era Pittsburgh

Author: James Wudarczyk

Despite the vast volume of literature dealing with the American Civil War, Pittsburgh’s role in the conflict has been largely overlooked. To help remedy this situation, local historian and author James Wudarczyk wrote Until the Morning Cometh: Civil War Era Pittsburgh as a testament of the city’s unique heritage from this era. Wudarczyk is the author of the book Pittsburgh’s Forgotten Allegheny Arsenal, co-author of Monster on the Allegheny… and Other Lawrenceville Stories, A Doughboy’s Tale…and More Lawrenceville Stories, and In Loving Memory…and Still More Lawrenceville Stories, and has contributed nearly three hundred articles for various historical publications. In his latest work, he explores the turbulent days that immediately preceded the Civil War through Appomattox when a Pittsburgh man was nearly one of the last casualties of the conflict.

Other chapters examine the area’s first training camp, Confederates in Pittsburgh, scandals, the contributions of some Pittsburgh men, a look behind the scenes of the deadly Allegheny Arsenal explosion of 1862, the prejudice against Catholic nuns who volunteered their services as nurses, and much more.

Wudarczyk has established a reputation for his extensive writings on Lawrenceville. He has also frequently lectured and written on the subject of the city’s role in the great Civil War.

He was inspired to choose this topic after a leading a walking tour of the Civil War era sites of Lawrenceville and most people were unaware of Pittsburgh’s rich contributions to the war effort. His sole aim for the book is to raise the public consciousness and hopefully develop an appreciation for our past.

2013, 5.5x8.5, Softbound, 348 pages
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