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Venango Co., PA Declarations of Intention and...

Venango Co., PA Declarations of Intention and...

Author: Joyce Grill(i) Neidich
...Petitions for Naturalization. Each entry in this compilation contains the most pertinent information from the following sources: docket index, docket summary, and/or the original documents. The Naturalization Docket lists applicant’s name and a brief summary of the proceedings. Most of those named had a Declaration of Intent or Petition for Naturalization on file in the courthouse. A total of 940 Declarations of Intention and/or Petitions for Naturalization were filed between 1806 and 1868.The ports of entry into the U.S. are included on a number of applications. The largest number of emigrants came into New York. Other ports include Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Boston, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Orleans, and California. Index.

1998, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 93 pages
ISBN 155856263X

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