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Washington County-The early 20th Century and Before

Washington County-The early 20th Century and Before Compilers: Retrospect Publishing
Search for well over 25,000 Washington County, Pennsylvania residents from the late 1700's to the early 1900's within seconds using this CD. The 20th Century History of Washington and Washington County, Pennsylvania published in 1910 chronicles the events and people from the 1700’s to the turn of the twentieth century. Chapters include information on the Indian mounds and the Iroquois, rosters of soldiers that served from Washington County in the various wars, township and borough histories, churches of the county, and the businesses and professionals of Washington County, along with biographies of over 1600 county families.

The Seventy-fifth Souvenir Program and History of Washington County, Pennsylvania Medical Society published in 1930 is an outstanding resource for any genealogy researcher with ancestors who practiced medicine in Washington County. This publication provides an early history of medicine in southwestern Pennsylvania, histories for each of the county hospitals, a listing of the medical personnel that served in the various wars, along with short biographies on some of the current and past physicians of Washington County, Pennsylvania. For any historian or researcher with interest in the medical profession this publication is a must.

The other two books on this CD, The School Annual, Volume 15, About the Schools of Washington County, Pennsylvania, 1923 and The Second Register of the Officers and Graduates of Washington Seminary, Washington, Pennsylvania, 1837-1924 deal with education. The School Annuals lists the public schools and teachers for the county in 1923. The Washington Seminary Register lists all the alumnae from Washington Female Seminary Class of 1837 to 1924. For every alumnae their current address or last known address, husband if married, and date of death if no longer living is listed. For genealogist searching female lines this publication might provide a clue to the maiden name for one of your southwestern Pennsylvania female ancestors. It is interesting to note many of the alumnae were listed as living in Ohio and other states. This CD contains a powerful search tool and images of the original pages from the following books:

  • 20th Century History of Washington and Washington County, PA (Joseph F. McFarland; Richmond Arnold Publishing Company, Chicago; 1910)
  • The School Annual Vol. XV - About the Schools of Washington County, 1923 (Various; County Superintendent's Office, Washington, PA; 1923)
  • Souvenir Program & History, County Medical Society (Various; Washington County Penna. Medical Society; 1930)
  • The Second Register of Washington Seminary, 1924 (Various; Observer Job Rooms, Washington PA; 1924)

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This collection of books on CD for Washington County, Pennsylvania provides an interesting window into the world in which Washington County residents lived and worked during the 1700s to the early 1900s.

2001, 1,780 pages, CD
ISBN 1929356080

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