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Wenrich’s (or Wenrick’s) Cemetery

Wenrich’s (or Wenrick’s) Cemetery Author: Robert S. Viguers
ISBN St. Thomas United Church of Christ, also known as Wenrich’s Church, was the oldest church in Linglestown, Paxton Township, Dauphin County, PA. Situated on land donated by Francis Wenrich, a church was opened to three denominations: Episcopal, Lutheran, and German Reformed. This is the same church Rev. Winebrenner broke away from to form the Church of God that sponsors Findley College in Ohio. The first burials were made in the church cemetery in the late 1700’s but even earlier unknown graves may be there. According to the Lower Paxton Bi-centennial Book 1776-1976, Nevin Moyer (1876-1950) was born, raised, worked, and was living in Lower Paxton Township when he died, was a noted authority on the history of Linglestown and Lower Paxton Township. If not for him and his active effort to collect and preserve the history and accounts of life in this area, much of this information would have been lost. Members of some of the earliest families are buried in this cemetery. This account of tombstone readings is made more interesting because of Nevin and his mother’s personal memories which are sprinkled throughout this account. Index. 

2001, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 30 pages

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