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Westmoreland County History by Boucher and Jordan, 1906

Westmoreland County History by Boucher and Jordan, 1906 Compilers: Retrospect Publishing
This three volume history of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania by John Boucher and John Jordan will give genealogy researchers and historians a better understanding of the people and places of Westmoreland County during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Originally published in 1906, this is one of the most popular histories for Westmoreland County.

Volume I of this series was written by John N. Boucher and gives an in depth coverage of the formation of the county and the events and industries of the region, along with chapters on the townships of Westmoreland County. Volume II and III were compiled under the editorial supervision of John W. Jordan. These two volumes contain well over 1400 genealogical memoirs of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania citizens.

This CD contains the images of the original pages along with a powerful search tool for the following books:
  • History of Westmoreland County, PA, Vol. I (John N. Boucher, Lewis Publishing Company; 1906)
  • History of Westmoreland County, PA, Vol. II and III (John W. Jordan, Lewis Publishing Company; 1906)

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Whether you are searching for the founders of Greensburg or trying to locate Westmoreland County’s Revolutionary War or Civil War soldiers; you are bound to learn more about the people and places that comprised Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

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