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Westmoreland County, The 19th Century and Before

Westmoreland County, The 19th Century and Before Compilers: Retrospect Publishing
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania was a hot bed of pioneering activity and Indian scrimmages in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. This five book CD chronicles the history and people that settled, fought and lived in Westmoreland County during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The History of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania by George D. Albert, originally published in 1882, contains a wealth of information including: rosters of county soldiers from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War; township histories; accounts of early settlers, county maps, and genealogical sketches of Westmoreland County residents.

Fort Ligonier was the first English fort west of the Allegheny Mountains and has the distinct repetition of never surrendering to the enemy.

The book, Fort Ligonier and its Times by C Hale Sipe chronicles the history of this frontier fort. Included in this history are accounts of Forbes Campaigns, the various Indian scrimmages, and the Revolutionary War activities related to Fort Ligonier and surrounding western frontier.

German pioneers were among the first settlers making homes for their families in western Pennsylvania and as a result the first Reform pastor began to serve the area in 1783. The History of the Reformed Church within the bounds of the Westmoreland Classis chronicles the history of the churches, pastors and some of the lay leaders of the Reformed Church in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. This CD contains the images of the original pages along with a powerful search tool for the following books:

  • History of Westmoreland County, PA (George D. Albert; L.H. Everts & Co.; 1882)
  • Fort Ligonier and its Times (C. Hale Sipe; The Telegraph Press; 1932)
  • Historical Ligonier Valley, A Souvenir (William G. Irwin; Ligonier, PA; 1898)
  • History of Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., PA and Greensburg Schools (B.F. Vogle and Winsheimer; 1899)
  • A History of the Reformed Church within the bounds of the Westmoreland Classis (Committee of Classis; Reformed Church Publication Board, 1877).

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Whether you are searching to see if your ancestor assisted in building the first county court house in 1786 or if they paid taxes to the borough of Greensburg in 1817; you are bound to learn more about the people and places that comprised the Westmoreland County during this period. Includes color county maps.

2002, 2,026 pages, CD
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