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Will Abstracts of Brooke County, (West) Virginia, 1797-1849

Will Abstracts of Brooke County, (West) Virginia, 1797-1849 Author: Kenneth T.H. McFarland
Brooke County was formed from Ohio County and, until the formation of Hancock County in 1848. The county comprised the northern half of the Virginia Panhandle. It is an important area from a historian’s viewpoint as a great amount of westward migration was funneled through the upper Ohio valley region. A number of the testators described themselves as residents of the adjoining states of PA and Ohio. Each abstract names legatees specifying the relationships stated, executors and witnesses, giving residences other than Brooke County, mentions land owned elsewhere, and gives the dates of writing, of codicils and of recording as well as book and page reference to the original volume. Index.

1986, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 88 pages
ISBN 0933227264

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